Building Urban Transportation


A Healthier Environment

While cities are often home to many thousands, they are often surrounded by suburbs where the majority of the area population lives. These are usually the people commuting to work, and they can spend hours every week trapped in their vehicles as traffic slows to a crawl. One of the reasons many cities are still expanding their network of mass transportation is to create a healthier environment. Each vehicle sitting in traffic is contributing to smog, and it can eventually create health concerns for even those who have never driven.

One of the beauties of most mass transit systems is the fact they have their own set of pathways through the city. These restricted areas allow them to proceed quickly, and they often hold many more people than any single vehicle on a roadway. Moving many commuters at a higher speed can cut down the amount of air pollution significantly. This alone makes them worthwhile. Getting people to use them can be difficult because they only follow certain paths throughout an urban area.

The need to commute is often about the amount a job pays being balanced against living conditions. Many people choose the suburbs because they can get a larger home at a lower cost in terms of purchase and local taxes or expenses. They must also balance this against the time it takes to commute, and many come up with a positive number when it comes to living outside the city centre. Commuting is their way of getting the most out of their lives, but few consider the toll of pollution over time.

Living in a healthier environment is important for longevity, so it can be important to limit exposure. Those who choose to use an urban transit system are contributing to a healthier life for all those who work or live in the city, and they are contributing to their own health.