Building Urban Transportation


Avoiding Commuter Needs

For those who work from home, life has often become a sweet proposition when it comes to work. Many home workers have found they enjoy spending more time with family rather than sitting in traffic, and those who used to use mass transportation have found joy in not being part of the crowd. Avoiding commuter needs has also been helpful to urban transportation planners because it lessens their burden. It all sounds great, but people still need transportation within the urban area for their social life and the occasional need to appear at the office.

Many today who work from home do spend at least some time at their place of business, so they can once again become part of the commuting public. They may be able to schedule meetings for times when mass transit is not busy, or they could take their own vehicle. While they are able to avoid using any transport on a daily basis, attending concerts, the theatre, and even the occasional night on the town are all part of why people prefer living in an urban area. Their big decision will be whether or not to take the local train or bus, or they could prefer to drive for a change.